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    Horse Fix Luv Letters

    The horse’s reactions are always rewarding, but to hear the kind feedback from their significant humans makes the job even more special!


    “My horses have never performed so well and it’s all thanks to Ang Lea and her magic hands!”

    Mel Cardillo


    “My horse is feeling so much stronger with your magic hands. Maybe Shahzada is not just a dream but can become a reality….. Big ride today with Susan Gill in preparation for our 80k over Easter. Both horses feeling very keen and strong!!”

    Jenny Moncur


    “Thanks Ang, she is moving so much better already. Wonderful result!!”

    Maxine Reid


    “A different pony, standing on her hind feet and walking much better, thanks so much Ang.”

    Kerrie Mills


    “Ang does amazing work with horses. The massive difference in Maggie is astounding. A true qualified therapist that gets huge results before your eyes. Poor Maggie was so jammed up and it was negatively affecting her massively…. her top line was right down, as well as her hips. After a treatment with Ang she is looking amazing and filled back out. During the release you can see how much it was helping her all over Maggie’s face.” Check Maggie’s response out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHHeW7fm3C0

    Zoe Gillett


    “OMG Buffy was a little firecracker this morning. She was carrying on like she was being chased by a swarm of bees. Hooning around, rearing up, bucking, kicking out, twisting and turning, slamming the breaks on. Snorting and farting. Haven’t seen her behave like that in ages. So I’m thinking she is feeling better.”

    Leigh Thorpe


    “Just an update on the girls. They are looking so comfortable. Walking with heads down and moving around beautifully balanced. I am really very happy!”

    Janine Grimes


    “Thank you to Ang Lea for treating my horses. It was lovely to see them really enjoy it, I have to take a photo of Honey next time, her expression was priceless! Jane’s moving so much better this week, I’m so happy:)) Thank you again!”

    Sally Trott


    “Had a consultation today with Ang from Horse Fix. I can highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to keep their horse in peak physical form or needing help with a soreness/lameness issue. I came away with 2 happy horses and a bucket load of information and useful resources.”

    Lee Smith


    “Phoenix worked beautifully at our mini clinic after his treatment last week…. we even had a play on the mechanical cow for the first time. Toy is also going fabulously for Allira after his little set back – a couple of treatments have put him back on track. Thankyou for looking after our boys for us.”

    Kylie Grey


    “Rouk had a great first Horse Fix session today. We learned a lot and Ang really does have a comprehensive holistic approach to health, is able to recommend plenty of good practitioners to complement her treatment. Rouk was clearly loving the massage, much needed I think! Thank you Ang Lea!”

    Alex Mullarky


    “I highly recommend Ang. She’s fantastic, very thorough and always has the horse’s best interests in mind.”

    Steph D’Arcy


    “Hi Ang I just want to let you know that after your hands on treatment of Alita and I – there was much less tension and much more softness and opportunity to have a ‘real’ lesson. Thank you!”

    Susie Walker


    “The amount of care and generosity you have for your clients is amazing, and the relief you provide for our four legged friends is truly outstanding. I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for my horse Leo, without your help I don’t know what I would have done.”

    Alma Robinson


    “Ang I just want to let you know that Banjo is doing really well! I love watching him move around more happily! With Banjo having been so stiff and unhappy to freely move forward, it was very hard for me to let Kiana ride him.

    But with our 3 consecutive appointments over the last month he has become happy to move forward! This means Kiana can now learn to ride on the best pony in the world and enjoy Pony Club with him. I now know with regular appointments with you we can keep him happy.

    He no longer has the puffiness or swelling above his kidney area. His joints in his legs don’t feel as stiff. His body shape has also changed for the better. Previously he was reluctant to go into the float, but now he happily walks straight in, which indicates to me he isn’t hurting as much. Even his eye is softer!

    Kiana and I couldn’t be happier with how Banjo is progressing! We look forward to the future with our 16 year old, young man. Ang I really thought we were going to lose him, but you have given him, as well as us a new lease on life xx”

    Donna Prestipino


    “Ambrose must have really liked his treatment as he has been stretching down and forward beautifully under saddle. He waves a happy hoof and says thanks!”

    Ruth McFarlane


    “I can’t recommend Ang highly enough – as a qualified therapist, she’s very knowledgeable and has experience treating horses of all disciplines, age, breed and size. She’s a great communicator, is professional and is focussed on getting results. Her dedication and passion in developing a great rapport with her clients (of the human and equine kind) is a trait that can be hard to come by these days.”

    Rebecca Feasey


    “Thankyou so much Ang for working your magic on Lizzie! She worked perfectly in the indoor tonight and she is feeling much better!”

    Sophie Ella


    “Our two had a massage this week from Ang and today at the West Gippsland Stockhorse Branch Show, Pip won Champion Junior Working, Reserve Junior Hack and Danny won Hi Point Junior Horse of Show. Great results again. I highly recommend Ang. Brilliant at her job and a wealth of knowledge and recommendations.”

    Karen Fry


    “Ang has been treating my horses for over a year and I’ve had excellent results. She is always generous with her time and I can’t thank her enough for all the work she has put into our beloved pony Chyna – this video speaks for itself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwoxFF-nKxM All our horses love her and my young colt in particular really enjoys his treatments. I highly recommend Ang, she is very knowledgeable in her field and an all round super person. Thank you Ang for all the great work you have done with my horses!”

    Desley Tulloch


    “I have had Ang from Horse Fix treat my two miniature show horses for the past six months. She is a caring, soft and gentle therapist, gaining the horses’ trust foremost.

    I noticed a huge difference in my performance horse ‘Toby’ after Ang’s treatments. He had previously had a carting accident and was stiff and bruised through his sides and hind quarters. On assessing Toby, Ang ascertained that he was also likely to have some level of kidney issues. I hadn’t disclosed to Ang that Toby had endured kidney problems in the past, and the fact that Ang picked this up is testament to her understanding.

    Toby and his paddock mate thoroughly enjoys their treatments.I couldn’t be happier with Ang’s professionalism and manner in which she treats my horses. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend her to anyone looking for treatment and maintenance with their horses. I’m very grateful for your work with my boys Ang – thank you!”

    Martine Melton


    “Your success is testament to the dedicated training and the expertise you apply to your 4 legged patients as well as your passion for educating their humans! You’ve made a massive difference to many of my client’s horses and I am very confident to recommend you to future clients as part of the team that help them keep on track with their training goals.”

    Kelly Van Den Berg 


    “I just had Ang Lea out to Demelza! She is fantastic! Highly recommended! Can’t wait to start riding again now Demelza is all fixed up!” 

    Ellen Dickman


    “I can’t recommend Ang Lea from Horse Fix enough! She’s been magic in fixing all my horse’s sore spots and they all love her. She’s extremely knowledgeable, reasonably priced and very professional. Not to mention she’s fully qualified and insured (which many other practitioners around are not!). She really goes above and beyond to get our four legged friends feeling 100% again! You wouldn’t regret using Ang.”

    Liana Amott


    “I’ve had the opportunity to have Ang visit and treat Heckle, my 18hh Clydesdale, on a couple of occasions now and I am completely comfortable at putting him in her very capable hands. Ang discusses her findings in detail and treats your horse accordingly AND also suggests things we can do as owners and riders as maintenance between visits. She points out that as riders we need to work on ourselves to support our horses and it’s certainly an area that I am beginning to take notice of. I personally had the privilege of seeing Ang go through her studies in Bowen and I know for a fact how seriously and thoroughly she applied herself in her learning.

    Ang also, I believe, through her travels as a Bowen Therapist, has contact with many other professionals, Vets, Farriers, Chiros, etc and if she feels your horse may need consultation in other areas, can put you in touch with those of high quality credentials. Through my consultations with her, Ang always informed of the area she was working in, what she wanted to achieve and the job that the muscle/skeletal area had to perform on the horse. I was constantly included in the treatment process and believe the consultation is well worth her very affordable fee. Would highly recommend that anyone give her expertise a try.”

    Helen Copeman


    “I just want to thank you Ang for the great results from your muscle work, in just one night on my girl Splash. Splash’s backend strides were looking much better, not bouncing them together but striding them out. I’m truly grateful and very impressed.”

    Annette Gatt


    “Well done on creating a successful (and much needed) business Ang! You do a fantastic job treating horses and are very generous in donating your time to speak at Pony Clubs and rallies to extend others knowledge about a very important aspect of horse ownership. A job well done to you! And thank you for keeping so many horses & ponies happy with your healing hands!”

    Melissa Foster


    “Couldn’t thank you enough Ang for your support and patience with my boys Dutch and Phil!” Xxxx

    Sherri-Lee Jansson


    “I just wanted to thankyou Ang for your visits to treat Eddie. For others who may read this: he has been on a experimental drug trial for a large hind leg fetlock Sarcoid, and it had taken its toll on his health. His lymphatic system was ‘sluggish’ and he was taking a long time to get his health back.

    With your treatments Ang he has picked up greatly and is now glowing with good health, running around the paddock with his mates again. The proud flesh issue is nearly finished and we should be riding him again very soon.

    I love the care and dedication you have given Eddie and quite possibly the ability to go on and fully recover from his ordeal. I have enjoyed your sharing of knowledge and helpful advice given with such grace.

    Thanks again Ang.”

    Sandy Garland


    “Since being recommended Ang in December, 2014 she has visited my rehabilitating Standardbred ‘Coakie’ three times. Each time she was prompt, professional, added extra value and knowledge and was gentle and kind. The depth of her knowledge of the horse, as an abstract concept, is faultless. She gained my trust and confidence after the very first treatment; my horse’s too, as a personal concept. You would be lucky to have her in your horse’s life.”

    Katee Le Cornu


    “Hi Ang, just thought I’d let you know what a great job you did on my big Calcutta last week at such short notice before the EA Showhorse Nationals. Without your treatment we may not have made it into the ring and had such a successful weekend. Thank you again for your help.”

    Jordan Sprlyan


    “I had Ang out to my mare on Sunday and was incredibly happy with the work she did! After being on an incredibly stressful lease for 4 months, she was a stressed wreck when I got her back, and Ang helped her relax so much!”

    Sarah Nicole




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