Key Modality – Bowen Therapy with a remedial touch

Ang ensures all the owners can get an understanding as to what their horses experience, when she provides a mini shoulder treatment for the human at the start of each first consultation. You’ll find her technique is refined according to her own experience and may feel quite different to a human Bowen Therapist.

The Bowen Therapy technique addresses all soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia), it also has a profound affect on the skeleton, internal organs, lymphatic system, meridians and acupuncture/acupressure points as well as releasing trigger and stress points.  Bowen Therapy is therefore a physical and vibrational therapy that encourages the body to homestasis (balance). Bowen Therapy is supportive to other equine industries and used in conjunction with, can expedite excellent results with dentistry, hoof, veterinary care and other complimentary health approaches.

What is involved in a Horse Fix Consult

The initial consultation includes a full assessment, with video and comprehensive palpation – providing the owner with an education on the ins and outs of their horse muscularly, skeletally and biomechanically.  This is followed by a customised treatment and education session for the owner.

How long does a treatment take? The first session takes about an hour to an hour and a half and subsequent treatment sessions take about 45 minutes to an hour.

How much you charge? $80 if I’m in the area. If there is only one horse to treat in an area I will charge a nominal amount to cover my fuel/time to travel.

Is what you do specifically for problems or can it just be a feel good and supply loosening kind of thing? All of the above! It is just like soft tissue therapy combined with an Exercise Physiology assessment for humans.I personalise the treatment according to what the horse needs.


Some horses need treatments that focus on:


  • Which releases your horse from the rigours of everyday life to make it more balanced, soft, supple and more comfortable in it’s existence.


  • Treatments designed to maintain correct balance and softness so the horse recovering from incidents will work its body in the correct shape and manner.

Pain & Discomfort Management

  • Acute treatment to reduce the impacts of injury or other illness.

Foundation Treatment

  • Treatment to maintain balance and muscle elasticity during build up and work programs.

Recovery Treatment

  • Treatment designed to reduce damaging acids and promote blood flow and healing through the body in order for the horse to more quickly gain benefit out of further training.

Performance Treatment

  • Pre comp treatment which has the purpose to open up the horse’s body for it to perform on competition day. Focusing on opening the ribs and respiratory system and providing blood flushes to the power muscles and concussive tendons.

The benefits of an Equine Body Therapy treatment:

» Contributes to muscle strength and suppleness

» Assists in joint mobility and range of movement

» Helps overcome skeletal issues

» Improves circulation

» Allieviates pain and discomfort

» Contributes to detoxification and lymphatic drainage

» Minimises muscle, tendon, ligament stiffness and strain and facilitates tissue repair